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Guilty Pleasures 1

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Chapter One

Keaton Rivers settled back in his executive chair and stared at the slowly darkening skyline. From his top floor office at Goldstein Rivers, he had an uninterrupted view. At this time of day with the lights just starting to come on, the city of Chicago looked stunning.

He chewed on his pencil and idly flicked through the personnel files once more. One of the managing directors was leaving in little more than a month’s time, and, as CEO, he always liked to have a hand in their replacement.

So far, he’d narrowed the field down to three candidates. All holding senior positions within the company, they could all bring their own personal skills to the job. He needed to wrap this up before he took his annual month-long vacation.

He flicked a switch on his intercom and spoke. “Leanne, please arrange working lunches with the following—Robert Kincade, Martin Scott, Joe Magnusson, and Maddie James.”

“Yes, Mr. Rivers. Anything else?”

“No. I’m gonna call it a night. You, too, Leanne.”

He turned to the bank of windows and stared once more into the night, seeing without seeing, his mind deep in thought. 

So why had he asked the fourth candidate, Maddie James, to lunch? To get her hopes up? He knew he’d already decided against her. At the age of twenty-eight, Maddie James was far too young for such a senior position. Managing Directors were usually in their mid-thirties. Maybe she’d get her chance in a year or two when she’d gained a little more experience, but not now.

The fact was he’d seen Maddie James several times around the office. Those pale green eyes and that wild hair, cascading around her face in a cloud of blonde, intrigued him. He guessed he just wanted to take a closer look to see if she lived up to his expectations. An abuse of his position, he knew, but what was the point of having power if he couldn’t occasionally use it to his own advantage?

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